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1xBet is one of the most popular and reliable bookmakers. The company offers a convenient way to place bets, without leaving your home or office. You can access an official bookmaker's platform right from your smartphone or tablet, thanks to the convenient application. We'll guide you through an installation process and tell you more details about this betting application.

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Key Takeaways

  • The 1xBet mobile app offers a user-friendly betting experience with a broad range of sports and betting options, customizable settings, and is available for free download on both Android and iOS devices.
  • The real-world performance of the 1xBet app suggests potential improvements are needed concerning app speed, stability during peak times, and more efficient customer support to better align with user expectations and the app’s comprehensive features.

Unveiling the 1xBet Mobile App

Illustration of a mobile phone with 1xbet application icon

The 1xBet mobile application has built on the strong foundation of betting expertise. It has an attractive proposition to users.

  • The ability to bet while you are on the move
  • Customizable settings accommodating various languages or currencies
  • Free to download the application
  • Access to a full spectrum of betting options identical to those found on the web page

This ensures a seamless and accessible betting experience for players all around the globe.

Setting Up the 1xBet Application: log in to your account

Illustration of downloading and installing the 1xbet app on a smartphone

Initiating use of the 1xBet application is simple for both iOS and Android device owners. Android users can proceed to download the APK file right on this page. To do this, just click on the "Download" button on the top of this page. Before installation can begin, it’s necessary to modify security settings on your device to permit installations from sources not recognized by default. Once downloaded, employ a file manager app to locate and open the APK file. Then follow instructions that appear during installation. Always check available updates to maintain smooth operation. This way you'll also get access to numerous potential enhancements of functionality or security in a timely manner.

The procedure is more streamlined for users with iOS devices. Simply look up ‘1xBet’ in your App Store, hit ‘Get’ beside its entry and download it. An installation will begin onto your gadget which ought to accommodate at least version iOS 9.0 or later along with sufficient space—specifically no less than 292.4 MB free. Or you can just use the link to 1xbet official web page.

Utility features one-tap account creation at my 1xbet. All you need is just an online connection. Enter 1xbet login and password to access your account and to log in to the existing profile. Or you may need to set up your account. Fill your 1xBet registration form and choose the method to log in. It can be a phone number, an email or social network profile. Don't forget your 1xBet login. This information is necessary to enter your profile and access your winnings. It is always a good idea to look for a promo code prior to create an account and log in. It may give you a free bonus in the very beginning of your betting journey.

Aesthetics and User Interface of the 1xBet App

Illustration of the user interface of your 1xbet application

The app by 1xBet features a visually appealing and user-friendly interface, which includes an eye strain-minimizing blue and white color scheme. Its design is intuitive with well-organized categories that ensure users have a smooth experience navigating through the app’s features.

Navigation and Betting Options

1xBet application provides a comprehensive selection of betting choices that encompass classic sport disciplines, in-play wagers, virtual athletics, and an expansive section dedicated to casino. The app’s user-centric design features favorites marking for easy tracking of forthcoming events and a search functionality allowing users to quickly locate particular sections or attributes for an uninterrupted betting journey.

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Distinctive due to its superior odds across diverse betting markets, the app also captivates with alluring welcome bonus and free bet propositions. Pre-match and live-betting setups are tailored to augment potential winnings for bettors while they engage in placing bets – adding thrill and value to their experience on the platform. So don’t delay — dive into the world of betting today!

On a collective note, bettors praise 1xBet for its variety in sporting occurrences, straightforwardness when initiating wagers, along with its extensive options available within the realm of betting. The platform caters amply whether you possess ardor towards athletic competitions or revel in engaging casino games.

Security and Payment Methods you can use in the application

Ensure that you are using a reliable password and keep email and phone number safe to protect your account

1xBet application offers a diverse array of payment methods to deposit and withdraw funds, which includes:

  • Transfers directly using bank accounts
  • Withdrawals using Visa credit cards
  • Various e-wallets
  • Multiple types of cryptocurrencies

Such variety enables players across different locations with assorted preferences to effortlessly handle their transactions.

Illustration of real-world performance of your 1xbet application

At 1xBet, securing the user’s information and maintaining a trustworthy environment is paramount. The program incorporates several security measures such as:

  • Sophisticated systems designed to detect fraud by monitoring patterns in user behavior and transactions
  • SSL encryption technology safeguarding data during financial operations
  • Frequent audits carried out to uphold stringent security standards
  • Facilitation of two-factor authentication providing an additional layer of protection

The Final Say on the 1xBet Mobile App

Illustration of a bettor using the 1xbet application on an android smartphone

Bettors are drawn to the app due to its enticing odds and extensive selection of betting markets. That cater especially well to those interested in accumulator bets. This program has considerable potential as it succeeds in appealing to diverse bettors with different betting inclinations.


Actual use of the app presents a varied range of experiences. Positive feedback highlights the competitive odds offered by the app, swift services available including live streaming capabilities.

Click on the download button on this page to enter 1xbet platform with ease

To sum it up, providing a complete betting solution makes 1xBet a perfect choice for any bettors. This program delivers a tailored betting experience equipped with numerous features designed to satisfy diverse user needs. It offers all the necessary tools to players, provides reliable data protection. A wide variety of betting options, combined with its intuitive interface and multiple payment solutions, positions it as an attractive option that suits both novice and experienced gamblers. You can always download this program completely free, from freesoft.ng.


How to install 1xBet?

You can navigate to the top of this page. There you'll find a button to download this application. Press it to save an APK file and install it. Specify your phone number, email, set password to sign up. Prior to finalizing the installation process, ensure that you have permitted the installation of files from unknown sources within your phone’s settings.
This platform allows to access lots of different bonuses, if you enter a special promo code. This includes a welcome bonus, that can be activated during the sign up process. The same way you can activate more promotions, which can be found in a special section in the application.
1xBet, is a popular betting company, which provides users with the opportunity to place bets across a diverse selection of championships or contests. Individuals can explore the available choices and wager on various results including match victors, overall number of goals scored, as well as other options.
Absolutely. This program ensures high level of protection of all the user's data or finance. But bettor has to monitor his performance and keep track of earned/lost money carefully. This is an important condition to ensure safe gambling.
1xBet has a special Windows client, that works the same way as this program. But if you prefer to make your 1xBet bets via mobile version, you have to install an Android emulator.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • User-friendly interface
  • Detailed match statistics
  • Wide variety of sports and events
  • Regular promotions
  • The support team may take a long time to process the request
  • Temporary decreases in performance may occur


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4 weeks ago
malikramzan Khakhi
This is amazing
4 months ago
1xbet downloaded from your site of late downloads with a Trojan horse virus. Can I please know why the software is not being cleaned anymore?
2 years ago
Anton Bykov
Can't download 1xBet, what can I do?
2 years ago
Predstavitelʹ FreeSoft
This problem is typical for some versions of Android 11. Most often this happens when there is not enough memory on the device. Free up memory on your device. When there is enough free memory on your device to download the application, follow these steps: Open your browser and go to: https://freesoft.ru/android/1xbet. Click on the "Download" button. After downloading the apk file, just click on it. Installation of the program will happen automatically.
2 years ago
Gleb Tonev
I have an old version of the app installed. Do I have to uninstall it or do I not have to if I want to upgrade to a newer version?
2 years ago
Predstavitelʹ FreeSoft
There is no need to uninstall. When you download the application, 1xBet.apk will automatically update to the current version of the program.
2 years ago
As they say, beginners are lucky, well, lucky me, I think, not at once, of course, but the bet shot out, made a request for withdrawal at once. It is good that you can withdraw to electronic wallets, I did it with Webmani. I did not think that betting on sports was a cool topic before, it seemed to me that it was a scam.
2 years ago
Kolyan Kolyanovich
I made a bet in the application through online and quickly raised the dough, created a withdrawal application and the money on the balance came pretty quickly, although before I had problems with withdrawal quite often, though in other offices, here it seems all ok. I have withdrawal problems with withdrawal in other companies, but here I have problems with withdrawal. I have to try hard to win it back. Sometimes the application takes a long time to load, but it is not critical.
2 years ago
Nikita Borzov
I registered in the app without any problems, I can also log in through the cart. From the pluses of 1xbet: odds are higher than many bookmakers, a wide line, and the fact that you can download to your phone is nice, so more convenient.
2 years ago
Pavel Rodionov
In this application I bet on soccer matches, I often watch live broadcasts of games, on 1hbet offer a lot of where you can bet. I downloaded it for free on my PC from the website. I also have this program on my phone. I have also downloaded new version of this program from my phone. It goes to the smartphone and tablet.
2 years ago
Vitalik Kiselev
Installed 1 xbet on my smartphone, all normal, works. Easy program for betting, no problems with withdrawal. Yesterday I withdrew money from betting. I have not had any problems yet.
3 years ago
Star Lord
I installed the app from 1xbet back in 2019. It's very easy to use with a nice interface. Made it so it's easy to place bets. Wouldn't mind additional promo codes though.